I don't even know how to explain Spain other than that it is simply incredible!!!!! I love everything about this place, and especially the people and culture! It's been nice to just take it all in and really experience the culture instead of rushing from one thing to the next. It's been super relaxed and I love that because we're not trying to check off a list of a bunch of stuff we want to do. We're just finding our own places and making our own memories. I love it here and the people are so friendly and loving.

Every day we seem to meet some of the coolest people! Yesterday I met this guy named Esma at the park that is from Morocco, but has lived in Barcelona for 7 years and we just talked about each others cultures and the things we do and what not and it was just so rad to be able to connect with him even though there's a little bit of a barrier with the language. You would think that would be a huge problem, but it really isn't too bad and we've been able to meet some amazing people that we can communicate and talk with. They are all just so loving and actually care about what you have to stay, and want to sit down with you and talk awhile. They genuinely care, I love it. Then today we met this guy named Eric that has lived here for 4 years, he's originally from Santa Cruz, California. He's on the water polo team and he was telling us all about Barcelona and his life and just pretty much everything. It's so interesting to me to connect with people from all over the world. Also, some more friends came up to us and starting chatting with us, Elizabeth and her brother, and they were so hilarious and we got to talking for like a half hour on the beach about who knows what haha

One of my favorite parts about the past couple days was when we went to the park on Sunday. We packed a picnic and spent a couple hours at the park just hanging out with Esma and his clan. They brought all these slack lines, drums, hula hoops, and what not! We were all just dancing and the guys were playing the drums, and then some of the guys that were really good at slack lining were doing all these yoga poses on the slack line. It was seriously so fun!  

The architecture and buildings are incredible, along with all the parks and of course the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and the Las Rambla! Going to and from these places though we would just get lost in the city and find our own little favorite places and just sit and chill for a little and take it all in!

Tonight is our last night in Spain, and we leave for Germany bright and early tomorrow!
Here's to living life to the fullest!!

Also....the wi-fi is obviously so spotty over here and would take a million ages to upload pictures onto here...so I've just been posting to Instagram so if you want to follow via pictures here it is @kaitvanhoff


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